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I is Bach!

That’s right. I’m back from Singapore, no worse for wear. The flight on an ‘iffy’ airbus operated by a budget airline failed to do me in. Not that they were trying.

Ahem, so I’ll be resuming my posting soon. Let me get back into my flow here…


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Went to the Crocs Warehouse Sale at Mines on Sunday, and bought a pair of sandals for RM60. My old Black Executive Crocs had more or less fallen apart, so I dumped it at the trash right after purchasing the new Crocs, and put on the new pair. Then I went to watch ‘Storm Warriors 2’ at Mines TGV… I think I’ll post about the movie tomorrow…

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After weeks of scaring the living daylights out of the local flora and fauna with my unkempt hair,  I’ve finally gotten a haircut.

I chose the local indian barber over the ubiquitous unisex saloons that seem to plague the haircut industry with high prices and over-complicated (at least for me) hairstyle choices.

Only RM9 for the complete job.

I must say that I’m not displeased with the result.

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I was taking out the trash, when I spotted the empty bottles and cans of beer/’light’ drinks I had recently consumed inside the rubbish bag. That gave me the idea of making a record of the kind of booze I’m drinking, these days. I took a sampling of bottles/cans from the trash and from the fridge, placed them side-by-side, and took a picture. I remember a long time ago when my preferred drink was cognac. I’m more of a beer guy, these days, it appears. I feel like making a post about the various brands of beer available (not that I’m an expert in any sense of the word). Maybe in a few days…

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Time to try out the new camera. It’s a Nikon Coolpix P90. The subject? Eberoth, Lord of the Fell Deep. I posted up pics of the Chaos Lord way back in July, using the old camera. Let’s see how the new camera compares…

Close-up on Feylin, the Icon Bearer:

Are the new pics better than their equivalents using the old camera, as seen in the old post?

I think so. The colours are more vivid, and the edges sharper. Nice.

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Black Reach Dreadnought

Yes, I know it’s yonks since the Black Reach boxed set came out, and indeed, I painted my multimelta Dreadnought a long time ago… but it’s only now that I’ve actually taken a photo of it.

I remember my jaw hitting the ground when I first heard concrete information about the contents of Black Reach – 10 tactical marines with sergeant, missile launcher and flamer; Captain with powersword; 5 terminators with sergeant; Dreadnought with multimelta and dreadnought close combat weapon… and that didn’t include all the orks and 40k mini rulebook and the black reach game that also came with the box!!! What? Only £50?!?!? You’ve got to be JOKING! So CHEAP!

Yes, only a 40k player would think a bunch of plastic miniatures and 2 mini game books with dice at £50 is a steal. My non-gaming buddies weren’t impressed. I tried to explain that GW sells a single dreadnought, separately, for £25. Unassembled and unpainted, of course. A buddy into anime summed it up nicely: ‘I could buy an assembled, fully articulate, beautifully painted anime figurine 3 times bigger, and duly licensed by the relevant cut-throat Japanese corporation, for that kind of money.’

I’ll settle for a miniature 3X smaller than the anime figurine, assembled and painted to my satisfaction, from a cut-throat British corporation, with rules that won’t make it obsolete every other edition. But it’s too much to ask for.

Here’s more pics of the Dread:-

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Finally, after weeks of sporadic gaming, I’ve completed Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the Playstation 3.

My comments? It’s the best PS3 game that I own, so far. Which isn’t saying much. In my humble opinion, the PS3 still can’t compare to the XBox 360 in terms of gaming. Yes, after all these years of ‘Our Machine is Technically Superior to the 360’ that Sony has been trying to tell us. In my opinion, the 360 has better exclusive games, and where a game is a multi-platform concern, the XBox 360 version is usually better, or comes out earlier, or both. Hopefully, Sony will close the gap soon… But I’ve been waiting a long long LONG time.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which was released 2 years earlier on XBox 360 as Ninja Gaiden 2, was one of those rare games that was supposedly better on PS3. Pretty much starved for games on the PS3 that was worth getting, and to utilise my PS3 for more than just watching Blu-rays, I went out and bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 a month or so back.

Here’s the breakdown of the game, as I see it:

Graphics. It’s in High Definition, but only 720p, not Full HD. Not too shabby, but don’t compare it with Gears of War2 or Bio Shock. Apparently, the graphics are an improvement over Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360. It’s got some nice female characters that weren’t available on the 360 version as well.

Some people have commented that the ‘sharper’ graphics in the PS3 version was achieved at the cost of less simultaneous ‘objects’ on the screen. To be honest, I didn’t really notice.

Gameplay. This is an hack & slash action-er. And the action really does come fast and furious. Good for some mindless button mashing at the end of an exhausting day at the office. The Bosses are a little more difficult, but nowhere near as hard as in Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360, I’m told.

Interface. Same old controls, and the action is very smooth. Team Ninja (the game developers) was said to have pulled out all the stops in the programming to achieve the seamless, super reactive controls that are the trademark of the Ninja Gaiden series.

Extras. The PS3 version has 3 extra characters (all scantily-clad females) and 3 additional missions to go with them. The PS3 game is also more expensive than the 360 version, by the way. At least where I live.

Overall. If you’re a casual gamer like me, who want to just button mash after work, and can’t wait for God of War 3, but absolutely must get a PS3 game, then this may be for you.

WARNING: as usual, expect the PS3 to update the system and install the game when you first pop in the game disc. This will take 10 to 30 minutes. And may or may not mess up your machine settings, which may in turn cause you to lose in-game sound and also provoke game glitches, until rectified. No, I’m not dicking you. It actually happened to me when I tried out the first ever PS3 game that I bought, Resident Evil 5 (I had no problems with the 2 ‘free’ games that came with my machine).

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