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Seems like there’s been some developments since the last round of rumours. The big shake-up is due largely to the February 2010 White Dwarf snippet confirming a Librarian Dreadnought and an ‘avenging angel known only as Sanguinor’. These 2 new units are inconsistent with the ‘comprehensive’ run-down of the codex that some individual(s) posting in forums have claimed to have seen. To be precise, these 2 new units aren’t in the rumoured codex. At all. This throws some doubt on the reliability of those rumours. The individuals claiming to have seen the codex say that they may have seen only an earlier version of the codex that may differ from the actual end product (what else can they say?). So it’s entirely possible that most of what’s rumoured thus far may still be in the final codex. Or not. We shall see.

The Tantalus Lander, in the meantime, is looking more and more ‘iffy’ to me. A blurry picture said to be the back cover of the March 2010 White Dwarf has surfaced. It shows a blacked out silhouette of a flyer ‘professing’ to be the Tantalus… ala Loch Ness monster photos… This quite apart from the inauspicious name… (the Tantalus myth, even if you’ve never heard of it, is where the word ‘tantalize’ came from, so there). Was it all just an illusion that we had been hoping is true? We shall see.

Still pretty stoked about the coming Blood Angels Codex and the accompanying new miniatures. Indeed, I’ve started to paint up some old miniatures for the Blood Angels army, just for fun, practice and preparation… hope to post pictures soon…


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That’s right. It’s official. The Blood Angels 5th Edition Codex, together with new miniatures release, will be out this April.

To say that the 4th Edition pdf Codex is rubbish clearly is an understatement. Hopefully the new Codex will address the many problems with its blighted predecessor. I’m so excited, I’m practically stalking every 40k Forum out there, combing for rumours of what’s to come.

Here’s what I’ve pieced together (they aren’t confirmed, though):


Seems the story will be more focused on the Flaw and Mephiston. There’s apparently a good tale about Dante and a 200 marine deep strike assault on a demon world. (But nothing on Space Hulk Veterans? Sigh.)

New Miniatures:

2 new plastic sets,

1. The Blood Angels Assault Squad. This will include the Assault Squad and icons and bits for turning vanilla Marine units into Blood Angels (including the Honour Guard), ala Space Wolves Pack. May contain perdition / melta pistols!!

2. Tantalus Lander. Flyer with a Land Raider front (assault vehicle rules perhaps?)

Several metal sets,

1. Exalted. Winged jump packs, wrist-mounted stormbolters and ‘rapier’ blades.

2. Blood Angels Scouts. Apparently, they look quite a bit more savage than vanilla marine scouts.

3. Death Company.

4. Victor and Unholt. Techmarine and hulking servitor, with huge 4 barreled gun!

5. Special Characters

Generic marine sets,

1. Predator, including Baal variant.

2. Venerable Dreadnought, including Furioso variant

Army Rules:

Black Rage / Red Thirst effects are back! The entire army is rumoured to regain Furious Charge.

Some notable units / changes:

Death Company. They lose rending, but regain their power weapons / fists. No longer compulsory or tied to number Blood Angels squads. They retain their Furious Charge effects as long as they win combat!

Overcharged Engines. Only on Rhinos, and they are FAST vehicles!

Tantalus Lander. Fast skimmer. Armour 13/11/10. Disembarking unit can assault! Capacity 16!! Armament: ASSAULT CANNONS!!!

‘Exalted’. Jump infantry. High stats. Exalted blades (+1 Strength!).

Blood Angels Scouts. Fleet!

Honour Guard. WS 5. Many wargear options, including relic blade, storm shield and possibly perdition / melta pistol. Can assault after deepstrike!

Moriar the Chosen is back!!! He has double the normal attacks. May have 2 Furioso bodyguards. Furiosos have front armour 13 and are Fleet; Death Company Dreads ignore shaken and stun (like the old ‘Rampage’). Blood Angels are said to be the Chapter able to field the most Dreads. They may also be Venerable!

These are exciting times indeed! Can’t wait till April!

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Repainted parts of the interior of the house. It’s only been about 2 years since I moved into it, but it’s already showing some wear and tear. Painted the ‘reception’ hall and the staircase (all 3 floors). Just 5 more rooms to go… Don’t know why I bother, though. I’ll probably be moving within the year. Then again, I may be foiled by the glacial pace of government bureaucracy, yet again. Hopefully, the ‘new’ house will be fit for occupation (certification-wise) some time next year…

In the mean time, it’s probably best to keep the current one in good condition.

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