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I now have a copy of the (still-to-be-launched) Blood Angels Codex. Had a look-through. Here’s my initial thoughts:

The fluff of the Blood Angels have not been unduly upset.  Quite a bit of interesting stories on Blood Angels battles and characters. There is now some explanation for the Blood-Angels-Only units (that other marine chapters may conceivably also have, but don’t), such as the Baal, overcharged engines and the Stormraven (except that the Grey Knights also use them). Don’t quite understand why the Blood Angels refused to give up their secrets to the Mechanicum though. Wouldn’t this benefit the Imperium as a whole? I mean, seeing that the Blood Angels view themselves as custodians for ALL of the Imperium of Man (unlike the other more segregated marines). There was no explanation.

Will be commenting on the army list after I had more time to pour through… Looks pretty solid so far…


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The Blood Angels is the ONLY ‘race’ in 40k with psyker walkers that FLY. It’s actually not that great game-wise, but the idea is an inspiration for me to do up one. So I’m putting my Crusader WIP on hold, and starting up a Librarian Dreadnought project! Watch this space for updates…

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An old schoolmate (Karwei) is in the country, after the completion of a 2 -year project in Georgia (East Europe) he’s been working on for his company. He’ll be returning to the States  next week. So an invite was sent out through the Facebook grapevine and 7 dudes (who happen to be in the country) showed up for a reunion of sorts. Incidentally, another old schoolmate (Chuck) was around, having been in London for 4 years working in the Theatre scene. There was a lot of catching up to do, over tea and later, Snow Beer.

Snow Beer is apparently something served at the restaurant we met at. It’s actually super chilled beer with tiny icicles in the liquid. Another schoolmate owned the place. Thanks, Mervin, for the free snacks and beer!

Georgian wine, courtesy of Karwei, was later brought out and consumed (not bad) and another old schoolmate (Aaron) got his wife to deliver some fine Australian wine for our sampling (she’s in the wine business, apparently).

Really feel nostalgic about the old school after meeting up with them. I should return there one day. Funny, how everything turns fuzzy and the only recollection of your old school that stands out becomes cherished and good, despite all the bad things that also happened there…

Except for Ming, I’m not really close to the other 5 dudes who showed up. And incredibly, by pure coincidence, another old schoolmate (Lee) came with his friends for supper at the restaurant. Him, I know. I was quite ‘buddy’ with him in primary school, but we drifted apart in secondary school, somehow.

Everyone there had not changed too much, physically. I know from seeing photos in Facebook that this is not so for many of my other old schoolmates. Some are completely unrecognisable (fat, balding, leathery, greying hair etc).

I’m glad that most are doing OK financially, despite the economic downturn.

There is going to be another ‘reunion’ before Chuck goes off to London again. I’m looking forward to it.

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Had session 2 of God of War 3 yesterday evening. So far, I’ve brutally murdered Poseidon, Hades, Helios and Hermes…

This game rocks!

Until the new Blood Angels Codex is out, GOW3 will have to do for now…

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God of War 3

Finished Bayonetta, and is currently trying out God of War 3, released just 2 days ago. Only played about 3 hours yesterday, but it’s looking good so far…

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I see people on the forums complaining that the Death Company is grossly over-costed. Compared to WHAT? I’d like to ask. Let’s do a proper analysis instead of throwing out generalised statements backed only by sentiments left over from the 3rd ed era (when DC were a FREE upgrade from ordinary marines)…

Forget the jump-packs – that’s OBVIOUSLY a bit on the high side, considering they don’t get Heroic Intervention like the Vanguard (costing the same). Few players will be fielding them this way, with the inherent risks of deepstriking and being shot to pieces before maybe assaulting next turn…

The main concern people have, it seems, is that they cost 33% more than tacticals (or thereabouts). For that they have WS5, A2, Ld9, Fearless, Furious, Rage, Feel No Pain, Relentless… and can still be given special weapons. OK, so they lost rending from their previous incarnation, but I think WS5, Relentless, and special weapons more than compensate…

Let’s compare a similar unit, Khorne Berserkers, the Chaos version of the Death Company…

Points cost: Each Berserker actually cost 1 point more!

Statline: Exactly the same. Both can be made Ld 10 by attached Skull Champion or Chaplain. Both hit normal marines on 3s, with 4 attacks at Strength 5 Initiative 5 on the charge!

USRs: Both have Fearless, Furious, Rage… But Death Company ALSO have Feel No Pain and Relentless!

Weaponry: Both have Bolt Pistol and CCW standard. The Berserkers can have up to 2 Plasma Pistols and the Skull Champion has some options. I think the Death Company have better choices, but additional points have to be spent on an already expensive unit.

Squad Size: Up to 30 for Death Company, 20 for Berserkers. Bigger may not be better, when you’re foot slogging. The Death Company’s Feel No Pain helps a lot, though.

Squad limitation: ‘There can only be One” for Death Company; “There can be as many as you Want” (hey, it rhymes!) for Berserkers, up to the Force Organisation limit.

Resilience: Definitely Death Company is better with Feel No Pain. Worth 2 Berserkers against normal weapons in the resilience department, on a probability basis.

Shooting: Death Company are Relentless. If they give up their extra attack for additional CCW for a bolter, they can shoot twice before assaulting! Or once up to 24″ while footslogging…

Mobility: Death Company is better. The best that the Berserkers can manage is 10 in a rhino. Death Company can fit 16 in a Crusader… almost nothing can withstand their charge (with Chaplain & the right weapons upgrades) according to probability, not 30-boy ork squads / full Nob squads,  not the Nightbringer, not Carnifexes, not Wraithlords, not Dreadnoughts (with fists)… nothing. The Crusader also deepstrikes and is a dedicated transport…

Squad Leader: The Death Company Chaplain is an upgrade so you don’t even need to waste a FOC slot if you don’t want to. Grants re-rolls to hit AND to wound. OMG.

Meta: Death Company grant Death Company Dreadnoughts as Troop choices. The DC Dreads rock!

Conclusion: The Death Company is the clear winner, for point-efficiency.

No, really. The Death Company is NOT over-costed. Check your maths!

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I’ve decided to do a complete re-do of my Blood Angels Army. Probable new purchases:

Plastic Sanguinary Guard – several boxes of these, for it’s versatile conversion potential. Their artificer armour (muscled) can be used for other MEQ armies as well. The wings and single thruster jump pack are fantastic. Also comes with special weapons…

Plastic Death Company – at least one box. I already have 10 painted metal Death Company and Chaplain, so I won’t want too many. The thunderhammer and fist are nice.

Sanguinor – may convert it to Dante ‘counts-as’. Just need to stick a melta pistol to the figure, easy. May even take the trouble to change the 2-handed sword to the Axe Mortalis.

Astorath – may convert it to Mephiston? Or just as he is…

Lemartes – may remove jump pack and use him as an ordinary Chaplain…

Venerable Dreadnought – will convert to a Librarian Dread. Have to convert the right arm to hold a Force Weapon. Add some lightning claw effect to the left fist, and it’s almost done…

Ironclad Dreadnought – these will be converted to Furiosos / DC Dreads.

Plastic Baal Predator – just one of the new…

Existing Blood Angels models in the army that will be ‘re-cond-ed’:-

Assault / Tactical Squads – Add BA iconography from the new plastic sprues and a touch up paint job (may buy new ones if inadequate or insufficient)

Rhinos / Razorbacks – ditto

Land Raider Crusader – to finish painting…

Death Company & Chaplain – remove jump packs and touch up paint job

Moriar the Chosen – retain

Baal Predator – repaint completely

Corbulo and the Sanguinary Priests – paint ’em

Space Hulk Terminators – finish painting ’em… and convert + paint a Sanguinary Priest in Terminator armour to go with ’em!

BIG DILEMMA – to scratch build the Stormraven, or wait for GW / Forgeworld to release one?

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