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So I had my second game of Warmachines last Sunday. Once again, I had the honour to direct Sorscha and 2 Warjacks (plus another useless Solo that was killed in round one!) to victory! The opponent was Cryx. Battle was close; if the all-out attack against the Cryx Commander had failed, the game would be lost! Thanks to some good advice from the store owner, I was able to squeeze in a pre-emptive strike before the enemy could do Sorscha in! Basically, Sorscha used her incredible spell-fuelled range to reach the enemy and unleashed a irresistable flurry of melee attacks, and did the trick! As in the first game, my forces were heavily damaged, though not as badly as previously.

Warmachines takes a lot less time to play, compared to Warhammer 40k. I’ll probably try out a few more games before committing to new minis, though. I’m still not sure which faction to take, though Khador is looking very attractive at this moment, thanks to the 2 wins!

On another note, Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition is slated for release on 10th July, 2010. The trailer on the GW youtube channel looks fantastic. I’ve ordered a copy, though I have no army. I have an idea for one though! Will post when it’s more concrete… hehe…


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I did this years ago. The idea of a Sorcerer Lord zipping around in a bike, blasting enemies with arcane fire, appealed to me, and was also an opportunity for a conversion.

Lord Helkor has the Mark of Tzeentch, giving him a 4+ invulnerable save. With the familiar, he has 3 psychic powers. Because of the bike, he has toughness 5 and can turbo boost up to 24 inches around the battlefield and gaining a 3+ cover save. He has 5 strength 4 force lance attacks on the charge, re-rolling to-hit and to-wound, which is nothing to sneer at! The only really weird thing – his bolt pistol and the twin-linked bolter on his bike don’t fire inferno bolts! WHY GW?!? A lowly aspiring sorcerer and his rubric bodyguards have inferno bolts, but the Sorcerer LORD does not? WHY?!?!

The overall miniature looks very dynamic because of the ‘leaping’ pose of the bike, made possible by ‘pinning’.
This miniature is the first in which I used ‘pinning’ – the bike’s back wheel is secured with a steel wire through the ‘rock’ (actually made of foam) on the plastic base and held with green stuff underneath. I consider it a successful ‘first-time’ try-out, which enabled me to do more elaborate ‘pinning’ in future projects, including the (still WIP) Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought – the right leg of the Dread alone has 6 pins, just to make sure it doesn’t topple over!

The hand-painted banner was done separately and was originally intended to be part of a Slaanesh icon. Because I painted Helkor in primarily blue, the miniature ended up looking more Tzeentch. The banner depicts Helkor’s patron daemon with whom he has several unholy pacts… and is also a Personal Icon attached to his force lance. Both his sorcerer lord helmet and force weapon came from the Terminator Chaos Lord set which I used to convert Lord Eberoth.

I added the familiar from the same Terminator Chaos Lord set more as an afterthought, ie as ‘decoration’ for the base.

The bike body is covered with leering faces from the warp.

This was one of my first ‘serious’ conversions. I’m not too disappointed at how it turned out, though it’s not as good as I originally envisioned.

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I don’t like the standard GW Obliterators. I think they look like constipated brutes with no style. They don’t convey the idea of ‘serious firepower’ to the beholder. The main problem, I think, is that they look like messy amateur jobs with ‘lazy sculptor’ written all over it. Worse, there is no variation in the body whatsoever (discounting the puny weapon ‘sticks’ that GW expects us to use to differentiate models).

So I converted some of my old metal Chaos Terminators to use as Obliterators. I used huge vehicle-sized guns to reflect their don’t-mess-with-me firepower. I used some mutant arms from the Chaos Space Marine sprue to make ‘powerfists’ with a chaos-look. I then stuck then on 40mm bases and gave them a metallic paint job.

I call them Cult Anilhilatus: Scions of the Dark Mechanicus. They are former Techmarines who have gone over to the Dark Side and now exists as living weapons of mass destruction…

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The Red Tide

10 more assault marines were added to my Blood Angels painted army. The Red Tide grows!

I did not include the Sanguinary Guard in this pic, as they weren’t technically red…

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