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Isn’t that like 10 candles too many? Talk about overdoing the wax…

Ah well. Time to play my favourite song from an 80s german group…

(Forever Young…)


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It’s that time of the year again. You know, acknowledging that you’re one year older. Once upon a time, birthdays were great. Your parents organised a party and family and friends all wished you happiness, and you get cool presents…

Nowadays, you put up with looming mid-life crisis and all sorts of people give you a hard time, birthday notwithstanding…

To all those who did wish me happiness, thanks. You know who you are.

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Yup I’m talking about THIS (so-called) Supervillain:

I mean, look at the guy. Does he look like:

a) A badass supervillain who will take over the world and mouth monologues to helpless hero-wannabes (emphasis on ‘wannabe’, ‘cuz ain’t no one can stop his nefarious plans!!) as a hobby;OR
b) A moron who wants to steal the moon and can’t handle 3 pre-pubescent girls for 5 seconds on a good HAIR-day…?

I mean, what the heck is the ‘moon’ good for?!?!? What, he’s going to rent it out at $10 a pop to dumbass romeos to use as backdrop for a love proposal? You can’t ‘steal’ something that ain’t owned by anyone anyway, so how’s it even criminal?

…And what hair? He’s bald, like all lame stereotyped villains (no, Kratos is not a villain, so he’s not lame).

Gru’s got my vote as the lamest villain EVAR.

The show, on the other hand, is hilarious. Go watch it already.

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So let’s see what we have here…


* tbc = to be completed

Lord Dante
Mephiston, Lord of Death (tbc)
Calistarius, Terminator Librarian (tbc)
Sanguinor, the Avenging Angel (tbc)
Astorath (tbc)
Reclusiarch with jumppack
Terminator Reclusiarch

Corbulo, Sanguinary High Priest
Sanguinary Priest with remove-able jump pack (tbc)
Sanguinary Priest with bike
Terminator Squad with Assault Cannons / Cyclone (part Space Hulk)
Assault Terminator Squad, 7-man (part Space Hulk) (tbc)
Sanguinary Guard with Chapter Standard
Sanguinary Guard (2nd) (tbc)
Honour Guard with meltaguns (tbc)
Moriar the Chosen, Furioso Dreadnought
Librarian Dreadnought (tbc)
Furioso (tbc)
Chaplain with jumppack
-Alternate Chaplain (Lemartes) (tbc)

Squad “Alpha” (until a better name is coined), 5-man close combat Troop with meltagun, Sergeant with fist
Squad “Beta”, 5-man close combat Troop with meltagun, Sergeant with fist and melta-pistol
Squad “Delta”, 5-man close combat Troop with meltagun, Sergeant with fist and melta-pistol
– Alternate Sergeant with fist and shield
The Death Company, 10-man with fist and powersword
Squad “BloodHawks”, 10-man jump marines, 2 with meltaguns and sergeant with powersword and plasma pistol
– Alternate Sergeant with thunderhammer
– Alternate Sergeant with lightning claws
Scouts with sniper rifles and missile launcher

Razorback with twin-linked Assault Cannons
Razorback with twin-linked Assault Cannons
Razorback with twin-linked Heavy Bolter / Lascannons (tbc)
Land Raider Crusader (tbc)

Baal Predator with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons
Baal Predator with Flamestorm Cannon and removeable Flamer sponsons
Baal Predator (tbc)
Landspeeder with assault cannons
Assault Bike with multi-melta

Dreadnought with interchangeable heavy weapons (tbc)
Devastators with Lascannons (tbc)
– Alternate Plasmacannons

As can be seen, I clearly have more than 2,000 points already painted, though only the TROOP section is fully done (close to 50 marines). Hmmm, Heavy Support is strangely empty? I’ll do an army photoshoot one of these days…

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Codex: Archangels

My Blood Angels army is now nearing completion (over 3/4 painted).

The next project is – Codex: Archangels.

The Archangel Gabriella… or Michelle… or maybe an entirely non-biblical name…

This will be an interchangeable Warhammer 40k or Warhammer Fantasy army (or so I aim to make it) comprising all non-GW miniatures, complete with fluff and codex write-up (actually based on ‘legal’ army books from the mentioned game systems). And every single figurine in the army shall be a ‘hot chick’! (Yeah, I’m pretty fed-up of all-male power armour marine armies about now…)

Can I do it? Stay tuned, I guess!

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So the Official Update on the Blood Angels Codex (Errata & FAQs) from GW is out.

Big freaking deal. It’s EXACTLY how I interpreted the Codex was meant to be played. The clarifications were on all the obvious things. How about you tell me something I didn’t know?

Ok, let’s see…

(Going through the document)…

Mephiston. Use Transfixing Gaze after assault moves, so that there will be someone in base-to-base. DUH….
Demolisher Cannon is Ordnance with Large Blast. DUH…
“Chalice of Blood” should be stated as “Blood Chalice”. DUH!!!!!

-Yes, Blood Angels can take Land Raiders as Dedicated Transports. What, the articles in White Dwarf and the GW website weren’t convincing enough for whoever asked this?
-Priests benefit from his own Blood Chalice. DUH!!! Never read any other codexes with bubble effect before?!?
-Furious Charge from Blood Chalice bubble effect – measure to any model in a unit when you’re about to strike. As opposed to what? When you’re not assaulting (then why would you need those bonuses?)? That not how other people are playing it?
-Baals can Flat Out during Scout and also pop smoke. I thought so. But nice that they are confirming it.
-You may assault the first vehicle hit by Blood Lance. Only makes sense.
-Putting Assault Marines without jump packs in Land Raiders doesn’t give Descent of Angels to the Land Raider. DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH
-Libby Dreads can use psychic shooting even if he has no weapons left. Why is this even a question?
-Weapon damage due to Perils on a Libby Dread is decided by the opponent.
-Libby Dreads can’t take extra armour. It’s not in the entry, so no. DUH
-Shield of Sanguinus covers vehicles. It’s sad that they have to tell people this officially.
-Magna-Grapple can cause a non-tank vehicle to tank shock. I seem to remember some GW ‘official’ mentioning this before.
-Sanguinor, Mephiston and Tycho are single model units. This apparently was not apparent from the codex and White Dwarf article.
-You can’t stack multiple units with Descent of Angels to neutralise scattering. Worse case of rules-lawyering!
-Corbulo can’t affect roll-offs for deployment and first turn. RATS!!! I was totally relying on this to win me the game… NOT. I mean, really?

My take? It’s good they came up with official statements because 40k gamers tend to interpret rules in outrageous ways. But, I feel they didn’t address many issues. For instance, they talked about Furious Charge for Blood Chalice, but nothing on Feel No Pain. I just know that some moron will try to interpret the FAQ they gave to twist when you have to measure for Feel No Pain. You KNOW they will.

Since they were going on about the obvious, why didn’t they clarify about the Baal’s Flamestorm Cannon not frying itself?

And all the other little things that they left out?

Hope they come up with a more comprehensive update soon.

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People send me all kinds of funny trash. I usually ignore them. But today, strangely, I’ve an itch to share…

PS: Don’t try this with your girl/boy-friend. He/she’s not going to like it (the delivery person, that is). Trust me. (This postscript note is a community service for all you dumb@sses who don’t get jokes)

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