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40k Doubles list mk2

Ok, so I was considering an alternative 750k doubles list for Blood Angels:

Mephiston, Lord of Death 250 pts
Sanguinary Priest 50 pts
5 Assault Marines, 1 fist, 1 melta, in a Rhino 135 pts
5 Assault Marines, 1 fist, 1 melta, in a Rhino 135 pts
Librarian Dreadnought 175 pts

Would this work?


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Hmm, I may be joining a friend in a doubles tournament at the local games club, sometime in March. It’s 750 points each, for a total 1500 per team. My partner will be fielding Imperial Guard. He wants me to do the Blood Angels. Sure, why not?

He told me he’s going to go with 3 tanks, either 2 Russes + Chimera, or 3 Russes (including a Demolisher), both with the minimum 1 HQ and 1 Troop. Formidable firepower!

Sooo, what should I bring to complement that? I’m kinda torn. Should I have an all jump assault army, or should I go with more tanks? In fact, maybe just 1 tank, the Land Raider, loaded with Assault Terminators lead by a Terminator Librarian… perhaps something like this-

Codicier Calistarius, in terminator armour and storm shield. Shield of Sanguinius and Unleash Rage. 145 points
Brother Korbs, Sangunary Priest. 50 points
Assault Terminators, 3 with claws and 2 with thunder and shield. 210 points
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Crusader with multi-melta. 260 points
Scouts with sniper rifles and camo cloaks. 90 points

755 points total. I may have to remove the camo cloaks on the scouts, or the multi-melta on the Crusader, or 1 thunder hammer and storm shield on the terminators, if they are strict on the points…

Still haven’t quite figured out what to do for tactics, but this is more for showing off my terminators and the Crusader, I guess… 🙂

On the other hand, I want to field my Libby Dread as well… I’ll probably do that if I go for more conventional RAS in Razorbacks…

I don’t want to get my ass kicked too hard, but I don’t really have a battle plan. I’ve never played in a doubles tournament before! Maybe I should go ask for advise from the veterans… BUT, I’m worried they’ll also be in the tournament (or tell people in the tournament) and we’ll be faced with opponents with foreknowledge of our army and be prepared to take us down…

At least, I still have a little time to decide…

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