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It is patently obvious that I’m a ‘noob’ blogger. Today, I was invited to a japanese buffet to celebrate a best buddy’s birthday. I had fully intended to do a photo rundown of the whole thing and blog about it, with particular focus on all the yummy food that everyone was going to gorge themselves with.

And then I had to forget to bring my camera. (But of course)

There was still the option of taking pictures with my handphone; the resolution would be low and the overall quality would be pathetic. I had, in fact, fully intented to do so, irregardless.

But as we were leaving the premises, I realised that I had clean forgotten to take a single photo. No, not one. Apparently, the coffee banter was too engrossing. Strangely, we didn’t even have any coffee!

It looks like I’ll have to get used to the notion of stopping every once in a while to think about taking photos. If this absent-mindedness goes on, there won’t be any photographic content in this blog. I really think it would be nice to get some visual cues to jog my memory when I browse through the blog, in the far future.

Anyway, lunch at Saisaki was as expected. Good variety, acceptable quality, and reasonable value. My palate, at any rate, was satisfied. Then again, I’m not known as a picky eater. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m more like a rubbish bin that will take anything and everything.

Actually, Birthday Boy had originally wanted to go to Kampachi for brunch. But the place was fully booked, so we ended up at Saisaki. 

I gave the Birthday Boy a boxed set of Warhammer 40k scenery, Aegis Defence Line, which is a hot new product just out of the oven.


It may be used in the upcoming Planetstrike expansion rules. I had originally wanted to get Birthday Boy (an Imperial Guard player) a Leman Russ tank, but the store that I went to didn’t have any. This was the closest thing I could get to the Imperial Guard that was available at the shop. Is the new Imperial Guard codex so good that all the IG stuff is sold out?!?


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