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Yup I’m talking about THIS (so-called) Supervillain:

I mean, look at the guy. Does he look like:

a) A badass supervillain who will take over the world and mouth monologues to helpless hero-wannabes (emphasis on ‘wannabe’, ‘cuz ain’t no one can stop his nefarious plans!!) as a hobby;OR
b) A moron who wants to steal the moon and can’t handle 3 pre-pubescent girls for 5 seconds on a good HAIR-day…?

I mean, what the heck is the ‘moon’ good for?!?!? What, he’s going to rent it out at $10 a pop to dumbass romeos to use as backdrop for a love proposal? You can’t ‘steal’ something that ain’t owned by anyone anyway, so how’s it even criminal?

…And what hair? He’s bald, like all lame stereotyped villains (no, Kratos is not a villain, so he’s not lame).

Gru’s got my vote as the lamest villain EVAR.

The show, on the other hand, is hilarious. Go watch it already.


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So I had a movie date on Friday night. And we watched ‘Kick-Ass’. Didn’t go in with much expectations. Knew it was a comedy about a Superhero wannabe (with no superpowers)…

Was pleasantly surprised that this movie KICKS ASS!!!

That’s right. Watch it. You won’t regret it (even the date liked it, and she’s not a geek-nerd-gamer-girl or a wannabe (with no superpowers)).

My favourite character:

HIT-GIRL. Tiny, eleven years old. Cusses like a pro… (fessional). She’d kick Hermione’s ass any time anywhere. Heck, she’d probably kick The Bride’s ass without blinking. Fully armed Mafia tough guys with a BAZOOKA are afraid to attack her when she’s OUT OF AMMO. She’s so awesome, Chuck Norris would have to be the Kick-Ass character just to make him a little less of a lame duck compared to her in a movie named after Kick-Ass himself…

No, I’m serious. It’s not another Chuck Norris joke…

And then we have Big Daddy. Yup, it’s Nick Cage in the only kick ass movie character for as long as you can remember. If you think he looks like Batman, that’s because he’s such a Dark Knight… er, I mean horse, dark horse. Despite the name, Big Daddy rocks!!!

Finally, we have arguably the least kick ass character in the film….

Kick-Ass himself!!!

Which goes to show how much this movie KICKS ASS!

OK, enough spittle (with exclamation marks), go watch the movie.

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