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Second Terminator of Squad Calistarius completed – Brother Claudio, from Space Hulk.


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The Sergeant of the Terminator Assault Squad (led by Epistolary Calistarius) I’m currently doing. From Space Hulk, Brother Gideon.

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Finally, after months of procrastination, I picked up my paints and finished off this conversion! Total time spent – probably more than 10 hours, including conversion work!

Not too, bad, if I say so myself. Though, once again, there is that ‘hurried’ feel. These days, finding time to paint is not easy.

Some remarks: this conversion contains the most pins I’ve done on a single miniature – no less than 11!!! Even with all that, it’s a little wobbly. It probably won’t see any gaming, for fear of it being toppled over! Too much time has been spent on it to risk that!

More pics:

Now undergoing training: Squad Calistarius. Assault Terminators lead by Epistolary Calistarius, sometimes joined by a Chaplain and Sanguinary Priest (all in Terminator armour).

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Archangel Aressa

Just completed this, at break neck speed, I might add. A little hurried, but I’m satisfied with the result. The original miniature is made of resin, which I’m not familiar with. There were replication errors, and I broke off so much of the mini in the filing process due to my inexperience with resin, that much of the final ‘conversion’ was actually completely reconstructed from green stuff!

This is by far the largest figurine miniature I’ve painted, utilising many techniques I’ve learnt or developed over several years of my painting experience, albeit as an amateur hobbyist. I’ll be making a simple tutorial post to record what I’ve done.

This miniature represents ‘Aressa’, one of the bigwigs in my new ‘Archangels’ army. I’ll be doing a write-up on her rules later.

OK, that’s all folks. For now.

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