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I’m still alive

Yeah, it’s been about 6 years. Forgot about this blog. Was pleasantly surprised to see that somehow people still stumble on some of the old posts hahaha. Thinking of reviving it. Facebook posts just don’t seem very… detailed.

Right. Will resume blogging soon. Out.


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Distracted by Music

Wow. I haven’t updated in a looooooong time. Haven’t in fact touched miniatures and paint for the same amount of time! Been distracted by the new toy I bought some time back:

Been playing some old tunes that I used to know… and some new ones as well.

Anyway, I should be getting back to miniatures and wargaming soon. A ton of uncompleted projects!

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Enjoying myself at a seaside resort with pristine beaches!

Got to witness an endangered species, the sea turtle, laying over a hundred eggs and burying them in warm sand, under cover of night.

Had a good long swim for the first time in ages, too.

There’s a platoon of US marines (I’m probably exagerating) staying at my beach resort… saw them ‘training’ in their fatigues on the beach? What the hell’s happenning?


Had a fantastic dinner at a place called ‘Alor Akar Seafood Restorant’. Except I didn’t eat any seafood! Just fine herbal whole chicken, stir fired lettuce (with garlic) and tofu with minced meat… strangely a great gastronomic experience!

Elaborate 40k posts will have to be postponed, I’m having too much fun!

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Quick Update

Still looking through the new codex Grey Knights… will be writing a post on them soon…

Also started work on drilling and pinning for the other parts of the set piece for a painting competition that has Brother Raphael in it. Once it’s dry, I’ll be doing some green stuff sculpting… something I’m not very experienced with. Ah well, I’ll learn something here, I hope.

I’ll be going on a short trip in a few days to a beach resort… Cherating, and the ‘beautiful’ Pacific / South China Sea. Post pictures if I remember to take any!

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Tron Legacy

Wow, I haven’t updated my blog in AGES. Well, it’s the holiday season, and I’ve been doing some overseas travelling.

Watched Harry Potter 7 at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Horrid movie! Bangkok with the significant other was pretty fun though.

Also saw Tron Legacy on Imax 3D. Not too bad, but there weren’t many great 3D shots. Jeff Bridges as both young man and old man. The wonders of technology.

Tried out the Universal Studios Singapore Theme park… meh. But I wasn’t expecting much anyway…

All miniature painting currently on hold, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Anyway… Merry Christmas! I’ll be holding a mini party at my place, with some friends.

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I’m not dead

Yeah, it’s been yonks since I’ve posted something. But, really, I’m still alive.

Been busy with work. Also, I’ll be doing some travelling in November. So, there’s some ‘preparations’ for the scheduled vacation, where work is concerned.

Anyway, I think I’ll be able to resume more regular posting in a few days. Hopefully. That isn’t a meaningless scribble like this one…

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Isn’t that like 10 candles too many? Talk about overdoing the wax…

Ah well. Time to play my favourite song from an 80s german group…

(Forever Young…)

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