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It’s just a terminator sergeant with the Grail ‘Artefact’ from Space Hulk. Counts as Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armour. Optional attachment to squad Calistarius.


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Just a quick update. I’m working on my Sanguinary Priest and Chaplain in Terminator armour. Both are about 3/4 complete. Will be posting pics soon…

They are both for Squad Calistarius (optional attachments). Currently, I have 7 assault terminators (2 from Space Hulk) completed. Including the Sanguinary Priest and Chaplain (WIP), there should be 10 terminators in Squad Calistarius, including Calistarius himself. Can’t wait to finish and take a group photo 🙂

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Second figure of the Toxmaidens painted.

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Archangels: Toxmaidens

Patrolling the dreaded Plaquelands of their homeworld, and dispensing their brand of justice as they deem fit, are the fanatical Toxmaidens. These chemically enhanced warriors prefer the use of guns to melee in combat, but can still hold their own in close quarters, though probably not as well as their sisters, the Battlemaidens of Ermay, who specialize in blade warfare. The standard armament of the Toxmaidens is the boltgun, bolt pistol and chainsword. They are also equipped with krak, frag and defensive grenades (charging enemies don’t gain +1 attack). Members of a squad sometimes carry a plasmagun, meltagun or a cleansing flamer. The squad Dominatrix normally have either a power blade and meltabombs, or an Eldritch Greataxe (powerfist).

Long term use of performance enhancing drugs and protective chemicals have altered their bodies to withstand the harshest environments, making them virtually immune to all manner of toxins and disease prevalent in the Plaguelands, a wasteland of radiological and chemical blight. There are inumerable sentient dangers there as well, including mutant monsters that stalk the desolate landscape, the gods of a godless land. Exterminating these potential menace to the Blessed Host help hone the Toxmaidens into the super warriors that they are…

Special Rules:
Mistress of Pain. Toxmaidens are inured to pain, having lived most of their lives with it as a result of the Plaguelands’ blight as well as the chemicals that they subject themselves to. In addition to being resilient from long-term use of toxic chemicals (Toughness +1), they Feel No Pain.

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Leading a squad of Ermay Battlemaidens is Sister Valaska.

NB: There isn’t a drop of metallic paint on this model! Write-up on her rules later on…

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I’ve been advised to stop taking photos in bad lighting. Apparently, it’s not doing justice to my miniatures. So, OK. Here’s Brother Claudio again, in better lighting:

Yes, he’s actually more red than orange (as in the last photo).

Anyway, I’ve to stop work on Squad Calistarius for the time being because I just realised that I don’t have a single spare Storm Shield to use on my terminator librarian (Calistarius). Currently working on the first Troop squad of my Archangels army, while waiting for parts…

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